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PHYSICS4KIDS.COM was one of the three sites that branched off CHEM4KIDS.COM several years ago. Why do we do it? We think that science and technology should be fun and enjoyable. We have fun making the sites, we hope our visitors have a good time while they are here. If you want to see what pages are available, visit our site map.

If you have questions or comments about the site, please use our feedback form on to contact us. Due to limited resources, we are not able to answer your homework questions.

Our other sites: (Basic Chemistry) (Basic Biology) (Basic Earth Sciences) (Basic Astronomy) (General Math)


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- Physics4Kids: Electricity
- Chem4Kids: Electrons
- Chem4Kids: Plasmas
- Chem4Kids: Ions
- Chem4Kids: Metals
- Biology4Kids: Nervous System
- Geography4Kids: Energy Resources
- Geography4Kids: Earth's Magnetic Field
- Cosmos4Kids: Solar Wind
- Cosmos4Kids: EM Radiation
- Cosmos4Kids: Heliosphere

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